Resolume DXV Codec

Having purchased one of Artificially Awake's VJ Packs, the next thing you'll want to do is encode the video for playback in your intended software. In most cases you will want to encode the footage as a with DXV encoding. To do this simply install the Resolume DXV codec. The DXV codec can be downloaded for free from the Resolume website.

Click here for latest version.

More Layers & Higher Resolution

Regular video codecs require the CPU to decompress the frames before they can be pushed to the videocard for display. With our DXV Codec video frames are decompressed by the videocard's GPU which can do this much more efficiently than the CPU.

Not only can you play more layers of video on a higher resolution than conventional codecs. It also requires a lot less CPU power to do it, so the CPU can be used for other things like audio playback and effects while maintaining smooth playback of audio and video.

The DXV codec can also store the alpha channel. This is essential for preserving translucency in complex video compositions.


The DXV Codec is a cross-platform QuickTime codec so you use any QuickTime enabled application on Mac and PC to render video files. Tested apps include: Quicktime Pro, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Sony Vegas, 3D Studio Max and Maya. Note that hardware accelerated playback is only done when played in Resolume 3. The video will play in any other software but it will not be hardware accelerated.

The DXV Codec is free and included in the Resolume installers. Checkout the manual for more details.