Artificially Awake's VJ content can be found at festivals, installations, venues and tours in all four corners of the earth. Our label holds great pride in producing and mixing visuals for some of the biggest artists, festivals and events within the music industry. 

Artificially Awake content is available for purchase direct from our Footage Store 
Direct from the Resolume footage shop.
As stock 1080p & 4k content built into the new Hippotizer V4 media-servers. 


Artificially Awake has undertaken commissions for a number of varied clients, both as individuals, the label and through various agencies. Our ability to envision awe-striking stage and set designs puts us right at the cutting edge of the events industry. The Artificially Awake label respects client privacy and we therefore do not publicize works on our site: If you wish to see our previous work, please send us an email requesting permission and we shall happily provide you with some examples or a show-reel.