What is Artificially Awake

Artificially Awake is a digital media design label. We design content specifically for the music industry. The Artificially Awake alias is used for visual-works or designs produced by Kaine Van Riel and his team. The label has progressed to play host to a pool of talented digital artists. Together we are the Artificially Awake Collective.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the Highest-Caliber, Jaw-dropping, Eye-Opening experiences imaginable. If we aren't making headlines, we aren't doing our job properly. Breaking new ground and being on the cutting edge of technology is always number one on our priority list.

Not only do we challenge ourselves to constantly awe-strike with each show we produce, but we also want to do this at an affordable cost, diminishing the idea that visual-spectacles can be afforded by only the highest earning DJ's.

Our Methods

Over many previous years working within creative teams and production houses, Artificially Awake has devised very strategic ways of producing visual shows for all brackets of budget, big and small. All our team have previously worked as freelancers prior to joining the Artificially Awake collective. Therefore each team member brings their own very niche skill to the table, which allows us to run a very specialized pipeline during production. This ensures our work is to the highest possible standard.